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AVO Dual Breather Tank BRZ FR-S T86

AVO Turboworld


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Product Description

Protect your forced induction investment into the FR-S and BRZ with the new AVO Turboworld Dual Breather Tank Setup.

Boost and high RPM's increase the amount of crank-case blow-by causing problems for the stock BRZ/FR-S engine breathing system as it very quickly becomes overloaded. This can lead to oil being blown into the air intake, increasing the possibility of detonation due to oil entering the combustion chambers. This can be solved by fitting AVO's oil/vapor separator tank kit, which removes oil mist from crankcase gas before it is returned back to the engines air intake. The Breather Tank kit for the FR-S/BRZ comes with all fittings and accessories necessary, including a turbo-specific high pressure PCV valve replacement that will deal with any potential boost leaks and protect against pressurizing the crankcase under boost. This is also a requirement for higher boost builds.

This Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S kit also includes a oil filler cap replacement, that allows you to directly route excess oil from the turbocharger oil reservoir tank back into the engine. This is designed to alleviate any overflow issues from extended high-rpm usage at the track.

The secondary tank vents to atmosphere to cope with the heavy vent demands of circuit racing.

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