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AEM V2 Water Methanol Injection Kit (No Tank)


SKU: 30-3302

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Product Description

The AEM V2 Water Injection kits are a perfect way to reduce air inlet temps and increase charge density in boosted vehicles. These AEM kits allow the user to safely run higher boost pressures and suppress detonation allowing the utilization of more timing and boost. AEM's progressively controlled high-pressure pump draws water (or up to a 50% alcohol mixture) from the supplied tank (with integral fluid level sensor) to provide boost-dependent variable flow. Your water is fed into the intake system via interchangeable nozzles for additional flow control.

An integrated system status light, which can be mounted on your dash, keeps you informed with easily identifiable error codes such as short circuit warnings, battery voltage problems, and low fluid alarms. AEM also incorporated a fail-safe that provides output to either decrease timing, or reduce boost if the system runs out of fluid or detects any error.

Includes all the components to assemble and install a complete water/methanol injection system excluding a reservoir.

150-PSI pump nozzle with three different sized jets
Progressive controller
Check valve, vacuum line, methanol-safe tubing and an LED indicator light

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