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Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Catback w/Carbon Tips BMW F87 M2 (N55)



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Product Description

Akrapovic exhaust for the BMW F87 M2 (N55) combines a great sound, exceptional engineering, and advanced materials to form the ultimate expression of exhaust engineering.

This M2 performance exhaust is a full downpipe-back system that includes the center section and the rear muffler with carbon fiber tips. It is the full exhaust that will bolt up to the downpipe. It fits with all factory hangers and your original oxygen sensors.

This system is made from a proprietary titanium. This is not the imitation titanium found on cheap exhausts - this is real titanium alloy that is proprietary to Akrapovic and produced in their own foundry. This titanium is three times stronger than other titanium, 40% lighter than stainless steel, and will not rust or corrode. This full exhaust is over 12lbs lighter than the stock BMW exhaust. This is a weight savings that makes a difference in acceleration and handling.

Akrapovic sound is distinctly European and exotic. Engineers tune every tube, muffler, and tail pipe to complement the powertrain. Many other vehicle parameters, such as vehicle speed, rpm, exhaust gas temperatures, and vibrations, are measured and correlated with the sound output to avoid unwanted vibrations or resonances. They further tune the exhaust to produce a thoroughly refind exhaust note that complements and accentuates the BMW engine.

In addition to sound tuning, engineers monitor exhaust gas flow and backpressure to improve performance and horsepower without affecting fitment or sound. Prototypes go through flow testing, dyno testing, and road testing to ensure there is no loss of power and that the optimal blend of sound and performance is achieved. This full Evolution system has an increase of 9hp and 6.5ft-lbs over the factory system.

Notice of Regulatory Non-Compliance. This exhaust system has been developed to work in conjunction with all factory emissions controls and equipment. Installation of this exhaust will not increase emissions nor cause a check-engine light or fault codes on a properly maintained vehicle. However, neither BimmerWorld nor the manufacturer can assure compliance with local or state regulations regarding sound levels or other compliance with vehicle inspection or registration. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure his/her vehicle complies with all federal, state, county, or local regulations.

BMW F87 M2 (N55)
(excluding F87 M2 Competition)

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