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Alta Accelerator Pedal Relocate Civic (2016+)



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Product Description

ALTA Performance in-house owners found that the OEM position for the accelerator pedal on the 10th Gen Civics was in a very inconvenient location for spirited driving and aggressive heel-toe action. Not willing to settle for less than the ideal, we came up with a clever solution. Presenting the ALTA Accelerator Pedal Relocate! By allowing the you to move the pedal both closer to the driver as well as closer to the brake pedal, it dramatically improves placement for all driving conditions.

The ALTA Accelerator Pedal Relocate allows for two different angles to relocate your accelerator pedal closer to the brake pedal. The first position keeps the pedal at the same angle, only closer to the brake pedal. The second position moves the accelerator pedal towards the brake pedal, but is on a slightly more aggressive tilt for an alternative heel-toe position.

You can change the position anytime by simply re-installing the part. Try both and decide what is best for you!

Unlike competitors' products, no design compromises were made on the pedal location based on ease of installation. The location of the pedal was designed around the best location for heel-toe driving without bringing the accelerator pedal too close to the driver's seat. The ALTA Accelerator Pedal Relocate requires the cutting of a single bolt to allow for the perfect heel-toe position.

The ALTA Accelerator Pedal Relocate is anodized black with a laser etched ALTA logo. Anodized finish is both sleek and helps protect the part for many years to come.

The ALTA Accelerator Pedal Relocate is crafted from lightweight aluminum and is CNC machined for a perfect fit.

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