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Alta Cold Air Intake Black MINI Cooper S R56



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Product Description

ALTA Performance again set the bar high for the competition! The new ALTA R56 cold air intake not only adds proven 10WHP and 10ft-lbs of torque to your 2007+ Mini Cooper S R56, but it also unlocks the sound from your turbo! With our intake not only will you hear the turbo sucking in and compressing the air, but you will hear the OEM blow off valve blowing off.

High Flow Foam Filter
The ALTA performance R56 cold air intake features Altas standard large diameter foam filter. Many ask Alta why not a "K&N Style" filter?? The problem is when those styles get dirty, the block air flow and create a restriction. Foam on the other hand flows almost the same as it does when clean or dirty. Foam traps the dirt as it passed through it, but at the same time allows air to flow around the trapped dirt. This is how it stays restriction free. As you see, foam is Altas choice of filter media as it provides virtually no restriction when clean or dirty.

Light Weight Aluminum Air Box
The ALTA R56 air box was designed around light weight aluminum. This provides a nice stiff, strong, and corrosion proof shroud for the ALTA high flow foam filter. Like our other parts, a high quality black powdercoat is applied to keep things looking clean and finished for the life of the car. This allows Alta's intake system to help remove weight from your car, not add it like some intake do.

Silicone Intake Hose
The 5ply Silicone Elbow is rated for 200psi, and 400 degrees. Like other ALTA products this part is over built to ensure a life time of use. This is one of the key features to the Alta intake as the bend provides the proper MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor reading. This is important to ensure proper metering of airflow, which ensures a safe AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) and to eliminate possibilities of check engine lights.

Cold Air/Fresh Air
Seeing that the OEM scoop was blocked off on early models, we thought this was a great way to get cold fresh air into the filter. During our test and tune session on the dyno Alta proved that removing the scoop was important. The temp around the air filter dropped 30 degrees and the car gained 3WHP with it removed. Needless to say we continued with designing the intake around no scoop, and you can see how the final designed turned out!

Fits the following MINI models:
Gen 2
R55 2008-up Clubman S
R56 2007-up Hatchback Cooper S
R57 2009-up Convertible Cooper S
R58 2011-up Coupe Cooper S
R59 2012-up Roadster Cooper S

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