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AVO Bolt On Turbo Kit with FMIC Ceramic Coating BRZ FR-S T86



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Product Description

This is the brand new AVO Turbo Kit! AVO stopped making the base kit, this is the new more complete Turbo Kit from AVO which includes the following items.

- AVO Turbo Kit with Ceramic Coating
- AVO Street Oil Breather Tank Kit
- 3 Bar MAP Sensor
- AVO Flat Panel Filter
- AVO Stage 2 baseman 91 and 92 octane fuel
- (ECUTEK license and cables not provided) This part is sold separately.

AVO's front-mounted Stage 1 turbocharger kit for the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S is designed from top to bottom specifically to the FR-S and BRZ, and consists of the all the parts necessary to bolt the kit up to the car.

AVO utilizes an AVO18/49 turbocharger that mounts up under the front of the engine via our stainless steel unequal exhaust manifold, and then it bolts up to the stock exhaust with our polished stainless steel turbo outlet (also referred to as a downpipe).

Cooling the pressurized air is an aluminum bar and plate front mount intercooler which uses black piping throughout, mechanical oil scavenging pump, oil reservoir tank, and all necessary water and oil hoses and fittings.

This turbo kit has been designed by AVO to bolt up to the FR-S/BRZ stock air intake box and to the stock exhaust system. We have spent a lot of time ensuring it will work with the standard fueling system for a complete bolt on and go setup. The beauty of the system is that it looks very stock from above! The FMIC has been specifically designed to fit with the standard bumper without trimming as well, and on FR-S models would be be difficult to see unless you are looking for it.

From testing, you will see anywhere from 220 to 250whp on pump gas, dependent entirely upon the quality of the pump gas. AVO saw 230whp (276 crank hp) and 197 ft/lbs of torque at 5-6 psi on 92 octane gas literally from a nearby Chevron gas station. This was with the stock airbox with an AVO high-flow panel filter installed, and a stock secondary cat in place. All these figures were reached on the stock fueling system as well.

- AVO18/49 Turbocharger with 5-7psi actuator - compressor wheel size 49.2/56
- Exhaust wheel size 50.5/68
- Bar and Plate Aluminum Intercooler with cast end tanks. Length = 19" Height = 8" Width = 3"

Subaru BRZ 2013+
Scion FR-S 2013+
Toyota 86 2017+

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