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Blox Racing Headers Integra (1994-2001)

BLOX Racing

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Collections: Acura, Integra, Integra Exhaust

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  • Blox Racing Hi-Flo Header Integra (1994-2001)

    SKU: BXEX-00500

    Price: $575.99

  • Blox Racing Max-Flo Header Integra (1994-2001)

    SKU: BXEX-00501

    Price: $590.38

  • Blox Racing K-Swap Header Integra (1994-2001)

    SKU: BXEX-00510

    Price: $590.38

Product Description

Blox Racing Hi-Flo headers are designed to be used on mildly modded B series motors that utilize 1.6-1.9L displacement. The headers are two piece 4-2-2-1 design and uses a step up piping design. The step up goes 1.6", 1.8", 2.0", and finally to 2.5". The whole system is tig welded stainless steel and uses a true 2.5" collector.

Blox Racing Max-Flo header is meant to be used on high displacement B series motors from 2.0-2.2L. The header uses the same true 2.5" collector as the Hi-Flo header and the step up goes as follows, 1.8", 2.0", 2.2", to 2.5". This header is designed to be used on highly modded motors and will hurt performance if used on smaller displacement applications.

Blox Racing K-Swap headers are ideal for those swapped vehicles and feature a full tig welded stainless steel 4-2-1 header design. This unit will allow for proper clearance from the ground, oil pan, and transmission. It is also designed so you will not need to cut the front crossmember like on other headers. This header will work with Hasport mounts as well as other similar setups.

Acura Integra 1994-2001

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