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Blox Racing Short Shifters Integra (1994-2001)

BLOX Racing

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  • Integra (94-01) Blox Racing Single Bend Short Shifter

    SKU: BXAC-00300

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  • Blox Racing Dual Bend Short Shifter Integra (1994-2001)

    SKU: BXAC-00301

    Price: $72.00

Product Description

Blox Racing billet short shifters for the Acura Integra are made from high quality and high strength alloy steel; no need to worry about breaking it during hard shifts. Each short shifter features a non-binding bearing that ensures smooth and precise shifting, even under the harshest driving conditions. Single bend shifters will angle the shift knob towards you whereas dual bends will leave the shifter pointing straight up.

Acura Integra 1994-2001

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