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Blox Racing Sway Bars Civic Si

BLOX Racing

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Collections: Civic, Civic Suspension, Honda

Product Options

  • Blox Racing Front Sway Bar 26mm Civic Si (2006-2011)

    SKU: BXSS-10103-F

    Price: $143.93

  • Blox Racing Rear Sway Bar 21mm Civic Si (2006-2011)

    SKU: BXSS-10103

    Price: $143.93

Product Description

Reducing body roll is the name of the game for automotive enthusiasts. By connecting the chassis via the sway bar you are effectively stiffening the vehicle and creating a better handling car. Most cars come from the factory with sway bars, but in most cases this only partially helps cure chassis movement. There is much to improve on by increasing the sway bar size. Each sway bar is made from SAE 9254 spring steel, shot-peened and heat treated, and feature precision forged ends and exclusive urethane / Teflon composite bushings that eliminate squeaks and the need for lubrication.

Honda Civic Si 2006-2011

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