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Centric Premium Ceramic Brake Pads Legacy GT (2005-2009)


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  • Centric Premium Ceramic Front Brake Pads Legacy GT (2005-2009)

    SKU: 301.10780

    Price: $39.93

  • Centric Premium Ceramic Rear Pads Legacy GT (2005-2009)

    SKU: 301.07700

    Price: $19.95

Product Description

entric premium ceramic brake pads for the Subaru Legacy GT are a great and inexpensive replacement for your OEM pads. These pads come 100% shimmed in order to eliminate all noise and vibration for smooth braking. Centric premium brake pads come semi-metallic (300.) and ceramic (301.) formulas to better fit your needs. They provide superior stopping power with linear response under both hot and cold operation and produce minimal dust.

- Ceramic friction formulas provide excellent stopping power hot or cold.
- 100% shimmed.
- Longer pad life than other friction materials.
- Low dust formulations keep wheels cleaner.
- 100% Positive molded.
- 100% non asbestos formulas.
- Scorched for improved bed-in.

Subaru Legacy GT 2005-2009

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