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Clutch Masters FX300 Sprung Disc Clutch Kit MINI Cooper S R53

Clutch Masters

SKU: 03050-HDTZ-D

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Product Description

Clutch Masters has made a name for themselves with quality and value in performance clutch kits for both the street and the track. No matter how much power your engine makes, you aren't going anywhere if you can't get it to the ground. Clutch Masters FX series clutch kits offer multiple stages of holding power so you can be sure there is an application perfect for your needs. All Clutch Masters FX performance clutch kits include a clutch disc, alignment tool, pressure plate and all necessary replacement bearings. Picture is for reference only.


IMPORTANT NOTE on solid vs. sprung clutch kits

Mini Coopers come from the factory with a dual mass (or sprung) flywheel and a solid hub clutch. If you have previously upgraded to a solid disc flywheel, you will need to purchase a sprung hub clutch to maintain proper clutch operation. If you are planning on using your clutch kit with your factory flywheel, a solid hub (unsprung) disc is required.

Fits the following MINI models:
R53 2002-2006 Hatchback Cooper S

FX100: Heavy duty pressure plate; steel-backed organic disc; smooth engagement. The Clutch Masters FX100 clutch is designed to be a dependable and economical alternative to an Cooper S OEM replacement. The FX100 is made for the daily driven Mini Cooper S with basic bolt-ons. The Clutch Masters FX100 pressure plate offers 70% more clamping force over a stock Copper S pressure plate. The 02-06 Mini Cooper S Clutch Masters FX100 disc is a steel-backed organic disc with the highest quality hub assemblies available to ensure durability and driveability. (prices vary, please view list below)

FX200: Heavy duty pressure plate; steel-backed Carbon-Kevlar disc; smooth engagement & extended life. The Clutch Masters FX200 is recommended for the 02-06 Mini Cooper S with a little more than just basic bolt-ons. The FX200 offers comparable torque capacity to an FX100, but provides exceptionally smooth engagement & extended life (thanks to the Kevlar). Owners that daily drive their 2002-2006 Mini Cooper S and wants quick engagement when driven enthusiastically need to look no further than the Clutch Masters FX200 kit.

FX300: Heavy duty pressure plate; segmented Carbon-Kevlar disc; exceptional holding power & long life. The Clutch Masters FX300 kit offers 110% of a OEM Mini Cooper S clutch's holding capacity and has firm, positive pedal feel. Mini's that have more than just the basic bolt-ons and/or small forced induction upgrades will want to get the FX300. The FX300 is an excellent clutch for the Mini that is driven aggressively every day. The Clutch Masters FX300 clutch utilizes a full disc clutch that has segments of Kevlar disc to help provide more holding power than a FX100 or FX200, yet still offer exceptionally smooth driveability and long life.Failure to follow the required break-in period on an FX300 Carbon-Kevlar clutch (follow manufacturer's suggested break-in procedures) can greatly reduce the life of the FX300 disc.

FX400: Heavy duty pressure plate; sprung, pucked ceramic disc; quick engagement; tremendous holding power. If your 02-06 Mini Cooper S has major supercharger upgrades or has other modifications that help make loads of power then you should look at this FX400 clutch from Clutch Masters. You will experience harsh engagement that is not suggested for daily driven cars, but is ideal for the for aggressively driven weekend toy and track driven Cooper S. Did we mention that engagement is harsh and pedal feel will be heavy?

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