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Craven Speed Cold Air Intake MINI S R53

Craven Speed

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  • CravenSpeed Intake without Black Tube MINI S R53

    SKU: CRMC-0025

    Price: $249.00

  • CravenSpeed Intake with Black Tube MINI S R53

    SKU: CRMC-0025-SAMB

    Price: $299.00

Product Description


The NEW Improved CravenSpeed Cold Air Intake Design

One of the best ways to get some more power out of your R52/R53 MINI's engine is to increase the volume of cold air available to the engine. The Craven Speed Cold Air Intake allows a massive amounts of cold air to get to our custom Unifilter lifelong foam filter. By sealing off air from the engine bay and opening the big filter to the cowl duct by the windshield, the engine has access to the cold air it needs to perform at it's best.

The Unifilter foam filter breathes much better than the stock paper filter, and it never needs to be replaced, saving you money. All you need to do is rinse it with mineral spirits and spray it with filter oil in order to keep it flowing at it's best. Keeping the filter clean is essential to performance of any foam filter. That is why we have made a smoked polycarbonate top for our air box. Just open the hood and take a glance at the filter and you'll know if it is time for a rinse.
Changes to the New Generation Craven Speed R53 Intake
The major change is in material. There original box was cut from .05 inch thick stainless steel and it was heavy and expensive. It was brought to there attention that while stainless steel is great because of it's corrosion resistance, aluminum has a better insulative capacity, is lighter, less expensive, and can be made equally resistant to corrosion quite easily. That is why we can now offer an intake which weighs a total of only 3.43 lbs. Compared with the steel version at 6.2 lbs and the stock setup above 4.5 lbs. Craven Speed had them hit with a special powder coat process that maximizes surface area to aid in insulation while providing corrosion resistance.

The other changes are small improvements in usability. They had relied on hood pressure to keep the polycarbonate top in place, but this did not always work perfectly on track day. The tops now come ready to be secured in the box, as well as scratch free with protective film in place. Customers also desired to have the battery terminal secured more tightly. So the terminal is now clamped in place to avoid any rattles. Click through the pictures above to see the quality of this CAI.

So, they have made some improvements to the design, and managed to improve the price at the same time, who does that? By far the best available on the market.

Samco Intake Hose
Samco is known throughout the worldwide aftermarket automotive industry as the leader in silicone hoses. Their offerings for the MINI are no different as evidenced by this fine specimen. From the Samco website, this hose retails for $120 by itself!

Since the hose is designed by Samco to accommodate a variety of intakes the hose is longer than necessary, it will need to be trimmed as part of installation.
Fits the following MINI models:
R52 2004-2008 Convertible Cooper S
R53 2002-2006 Hatchback Cooper S

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