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Fidanza Friction Flywheel Plate EVO 8 / 9 / X


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Product Description

idanza designed their aluminum flywheel to last you a lifetime. A typical one-piece steel flywheel or lightweight chromoly flywheel can become warped or cracked over time due to high heat and stress levels. This requires machining at the least and sometimes renders the flywheel unusable. With a Fidanza two-piece aluminum flywheel, all you need to do is replace the steel friction plate, bringing the flywheel back to OEM specifications, saving you time and money. Fidanza Clctch friction plates are made from incredibly strong 1045 steel and can be used with a wide variety of clutch disc materials including organic, Kevlar, ceramic, carbon fiber, metallic, and sintered iron.

Mitsubishi Evolution 8 & 9 (03-06), Evolution X GSR (08-up) (DOES NOT FIT MR)

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