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Go Fast Bits Deceptor Pro II Electronically Adjustable BOV WRX (2008-2014)

Go Fast Bits

SKU: T9501

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Product Description

Built on the patented Respons and TMS technology from Go Fast Bits, the Deceptor Pro II takes the Respons concept even further.

Here's how they do it! The action of adjusting BOV volume is automated using a high-torque electric servo-motor, so you can now adjust the volume of your blow-off valve, from inside the car! Every turbo-car owner knows that while making noise is fun, there are times when you’d prefer to be seen, but not heard!

The modern and compact volume controller, with its subtly backlit volume dial, controls a high-torque servo motor which is geared to the aircraft-grade aluminum internal rotating sleeve via a precision ball-bearing supported gear train.

As this sleeve rotates, it alternately opens and closes the two venting outlets (one outlet vents to atmosphere, the other plumbs back to the turbo inlet) to divert the air in any ratio the user chooses. At each end of the rotation, either the trumpet or plumb back outlet is fully open, the other fully closed. Any combination of venting in between these two extremes is possible to achieve full, proportional volume control, from silent to very loud!

Subaru WRX 2008-2014
Subaru Legacy GT 2005-2009
Subaru Forester XT 2009-2013
Subaru Outback XT 2005-2009

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