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GrimmSpeed StealthBox Intake Black WRX (2015-2017)


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Product Description

GrimmSpeed'snew StealthBox Intake System for the 2015+ Subaru WRX has been released. Of course performance is the highest priority, but at GrimmSpeed so much more than that goes into a product. GrimmSpeed had a goal of designing an intake that not only looked at home in the well-sported 2015+ WRX engine bay but also performed well.

- +32wtq (14.3%) and +21whp (9.6%)
- Designed in CAD - Perfect mating with the factory turbo and ram-air scoop
- Low bend angle aluminum tube - Minimize restriction and maximize performance
- Shielded MAF sensor placement - Protects MAF from heat, which increases accuracy of readings
- Made in the USA - Manufactured in Minnesota

Materials and Fabrication:
Each intake begins with a CNC bent and laser cut 6061 Aluminum tube. GrimmSpeed found that the increased thermal mass of using thicker aluminum tubing (1/8” wall thickness) kept the intake from being vulnerable to rapid temperature change. This is called the ‘thermal flywheel effect’ and will keep the rapidly fluctuating temperatures inside your engine bay from affecting intake temps as drastically.

Custom MAF flanges are machined from the same 6061 alloy and are placed on the straight nearest the filter, where they observed the most consistent cross- sectional flow. Mounting brackets are laser cut from 3/16” thick aluminum plate and CNC bent for perfect and repeatable fitment. Finally, heat shields are laser cut, CNC bent and hand assembled before going to powder coating for a durable wrinkle black finish.

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