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GrimmSpeed Uppipe WRX (2002-2014) STI (2004-2020)


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  • GrimmSpeed Uppipe Uncoated WRX (2002-2014) STI (2004-2020)

    SKU: 003001

    Price: $220.00

  • GrimmSpeed Uppipe Black Ceramic Coated WRX (2002-2014) STI (2004-2020)

    SKU: 003002

    Price: $265.00

  • Grimmspeed 44mm V-Band EWG Block-Off Plate

    SKU: 008008

    Price: $60.00

Product Description

The GrimmSpeed catless uppipe is made of 304 SS (all of it; the flanges, flex section and tubing) and has super thick, 14-gauge pipe-wall thickness, which is the most heavy-duty pipe you will find for this kind of application. Other pipes use cheaper, thinner steel and are marketed as "super light weight," not GrimmSpeed's. Also, their one-of-a-kind, Triple Layer Flex Joint is not located in the bend, which increases the life expectancy of the flex section. The inlet size is 1.92" and the pipe tapers down to 1.72", which acts as a funnel as it moves into the turbo allowing for increased air velocity. The GrimmSpeed Uppipe outlet size is a perfect match to the most common stock location turbos allowing for a smooth transition into the turbo. Because GrimmSpeed is a porting company they make sure to have the smoothest transitions possible between pipes to allow for maximum flow and quickest spool up (they call this "quality airflow"). Though the WRX/STI/LGT does not have a cat in the factory uppipe, this product will still improve throttle response and drivability. This product does not include the stock EGT bung.

This product does not include an EGT bung.

Subaru STI 2004-2017
Subaru WRX 2002-2014
Subaru Legacy GT 2005-2009
Subaru Outback 2005-2009
Subaru Forester XT 2004-2013

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