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H&R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers Honda Civic CRX del Sol FIT


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  • H&R (DRS) 5mm Wheel Spacers Civic/Civic Si (1992-2005)

    SKU: 10245616

    Price: $59.95

  • H&R (DRS) 10mm Wheel Spacers Civic/Civic Si (1992-2005)

    SKU: 20245616

    Price: $99.95

  • H&R (DRS) 15mm Wheel Spacers Civic/Civic Si (1992-2005)

    SKU: 30245616

    Price: $99.95

  • H&R (DRS) 20mm Wheel Spacers Civic/Civic Si (1992-2005)

    SKU: 40245616

    Price: $117.95

  • H&R (DRM) 25mm Spacers Civic/Civic Si (1992-2005)

    SKU: 5024561

    Price: $135.95

Product Description

About H&R TRAK+ Honda Civic, Civic Si, FIT, del Sol, CRX Wheel Spacers
When it comes to all-out cornering performance, one rule applies: wider is really, truly better: and also looks better! H&R TRAK+ wheel spacers let you balance the handling and performance of your car. Most manufactures, even Porsche and BMW, leave 20 to 30mm of extra space between the tire and the fender to suit arcane regulations or to leave space for flapping tire chains. These light-alloy spacers push your existing wheels or even your aftermarket alloys out to fill the wheel wells properly, giving you better cornering, better aerodynamics and even better looks.
TRAK+® Wheel Spacers make your existing tires and wheels appear wider by moving the wheel out from the hub, providing both performance and appearance improvements. Whether you want improved handling, increased safety or simply desire your car to make a statement about your individual style, TRAK+® Wheel Spacers can help you accomplish your goal.
DRS Series:
DRS Series spacers fit between the wheel and hub, and require exchanging the existing wheel studs for longer ones (studs are included).

DRM Series:
DRM Series spacers bolt to the hub with existing wheel studs and special nuts (included). Wheel is bolted to new DRM wheel studs.

Bolt Pattern - 4/100
Center Bore - 56.1
Thread Type - 12x1.5

Accord -- 2/4 door, (1986-1989)
Civic -- not Wagon (1988-1991)
Civic -- 2/4 door (1992-2000)
Civic -- (2001-2005)
Civic Si -- not Wagon (1988-1991)
Civic Si -- (1992-2000)
Civic Si -- (2002-2005)
CRX - (1988-1991)
del Sol -- (1992-1997)
FIT -- (2006-2008)
Prelude -- (1998-1991)

NOTE 1: Two spacers are included with each order.

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