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Innovate Motorsports Gauges and Widebands

Innovate Motorsports

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Product Options

  • Innovate Motorsports DB Series Wideband Kit Red

    SKU: 3796

    Price: $179.58

  • Innovate Motorsports DB Series Wideband Kit Blue

    SKU: 3795

    Price: $179.58

  • Innovate Motorsports DB Series Gauge Only Red

    SKU: 3794

    Price: $76.26

  • Innovate Motorsports DB Series Gauge Only Blue

    SKU: 3793

    Price: $76.26

Product Description

The Innovate Motorsports widebands and gauges are some of the most technologically advanced on the market. Choose from 5 different stylish gauge displays that provide something for everyone's taste. The gauges feature the LC-1 wideband controller which is the industry's most accurate and fastest-responding wideband controller. Coupled with their Logworks software, this combination will help alert you of dangerously lean air/fuel ratios that can cause major issues. The Logworks software gives you the ability to data log your AFR's onto your laptop for viewing later which is much safer than trying to look at your wideband while you are driving.

This software is compatible with a long list of engine management systems. All Innovate Widebands use Bosch o2 sensors for accuracy and include all wiring and hardware for easy installation. In most cases the biggest complaint with a gauge or wideband is the fact that they can't get a wideband that matches their other gauges. Innovate takes care of this by also offering a variety of other gauges including boost, oil pressure, and water temperature. The boost gauges are mechanical while the others are electronic and both are dead on accurate. Innovate Motorsports takes pride in providing you the highest quality gauges on the market and will not disappoint!

52mm DB Gauge Display
LC-1 Wideband Controller
Bosch o2 Sensor
Weld on Bung
Logworks Data Logging Software

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