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Koni Special Active Shocks Mazdaspeed 3


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  • Koni Special Active Shock Front Left Mazdaspeed 3 / Mazda 3 (2007-2013)

    SKU: 8745 1110L

    Price: $138.24

  • Koni Special Active Shock Front Right Mazdaspeed 3 / Mazda 3 (2007-2013)

    SKU: 8745 1110R

    Price: $138.24

  • Koni Special Active Shock Rear Mazdaspeed 3 / Mazda 3 (2007-2009)

    SKU: 8045 1097

    Price: $99.36

  • Koni Special Active Shock Rear Mazdaspeed 3 / Mazda 3 (2010-2013)

    SKU: 8045 1096

    Price: $99.36

Product Description

KONI Special ACTIVE for the Mazdaspeed 3 is the next generation of premium shock absorbers that offer superior handling without compromising comfort. It is the latest advancement in the KONI product portfolio. Utilizing the most recent generation of KONI’s patented FSD / Frequency Selective Damping Technology (ACTIVE Technology), it controls large body motions and cornering forces but smooths expansion joints and rough roads for improved comfort.

Advantages of Special Active Shock Absorbers
- Technology proven on over 1.5 million factory equipped vehicles
- Secure and stable feeling for spirited driving
- Unrivaled aftermarket solution can be fitted to most new and older cars
- Driving refinement for cars, light trucks, SUVs, etc.
- Technology that rivals expensive electronic systems
- Performance for driver and comfort for passengers in one
- Improves safety and road holding

What is the best adjustment setting for my shocks?
There is no single best adjustment setting for your KONIs because every driver has different preferences for comfort, performance, performance modifications and roads to drive on. For most vehicles, we suggest that new KONIs be installed in the full soft position. (the standard setting right out of the box) to take advantage of the balance of ride comfort and handling designed by the KONI ride development engineers. If the car has performance upgrades (springs, wheel/tire packages, etc.) or the driver wants the car a bit more aggressive, most people find the optimum setting in the 1/2 to one full turn from the full soft range. Over the extended life of the damper or if the driver wants a specific firm handling characteristic, the dampers can be adjusted up higher. Very rarely will KONI ever need to be adjusted to the full firm setting.

What are the best springs to match my KONIs?
One of the great advantages of KONI adjustable shocks is that there is no specific spring for matching optimum performance. Instead you can adjust your KONIs to match your springs. Most performance springs have a higher spring rate than the vehicle's original springs. Since the shock controls the motion of the spring, increased spring rates require more rebound damping for control and that is one of the reasons why KONIs are rebound adjustable (and some are double adjustable). Using higher rate springs with OE or soft shocks will very quickly overcome and wear out the shocks. The KONI adjustment range is typically about 100% (twice as firm at the full firm settings at the full soft setting) to allow for proper damping of OE springs and high rate performance springs.

Fits the following MINI models:
Gen 2
R56 2007-up Hatchback Cooper and Cooper S
R57 2009-up Convertible Cooper and Cooper S
R58 2011-up Coupe Cooper and Cooper S
R59 2012-up Roadster Cooper and Cooper S

NOTE: Picture is for reference only, actual product will differ.

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