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Koni Sport Adjustable Shocks 350Z / G35


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  • Koni Sport Strut Front Left 350Z (2003-2009) G35 non-AWD (2003-2007)

    SKU: 8241 1216LSport

    Price: $230.40

  • Koni Sport Strut Front Right 350Z (2003-2009) G35 non-AWD (2003-2007)

    SKU: 8241 1216RSport

    Price: $230.40

  • Koni Sport Strut Rear 350Z (2003-2009) G35 non-AWD (2003-2007)

    SKU: 8241 1217Sport

    Price: $275.20

Product Description

KONI Sport dampers, also called KONI Yellows, were the first adjustable shock absorber in the industry. KONI Sport dampers allow you to adjust the rebound on your Nissan 350Z. This allows you to dial in and fine tune your Nissan 350Z suspension to your driving needs and your driving style. KONI is so confident about the quality of their shocks they provide every customer with a Lifetime Warranty!

The KONI Sport is valved a bit more aggressively than the KONI Specials for performance driving. KONI Sports are ideal for anyone interested in either lowering their vehicle, or simply tightening up the suspension for more aggressive handling. Picture is for reference only.

Kit Features:
Big handling improvements
Reasonable ride quality
External rebound adjustment on most cars
Best KONI shock for all lowering springs
Re-buildable and re-valveable for custom vehicle setups
Yellow exterior finish
Lifetime Warranty

350Z incl. Roadster (Z33) excl. Nismo Package (2003-2009)
G35 Sedan/Coupe excl. AWD (2003-2007)
8241-1216LSport & 8241-1216RSport - Koni Adjustable Front Strut Left and Right
8241-1217Sport - Koni Adjustable Rear Strut

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