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KW Variant 3 (V3) Coilovers BMW

KW Suspension

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  • KW V3 Coilovers E46 M3

    SKU: 35220023

    Price: $2,167.49

  • KW V3 Coilovers E63/E64 Coupe/Convertible

    SKU: 35220006

    Price: $2,422.49

  • KW V3 Coilovers E63/E64 M6 Coupe/Convertible

    SKU: 35220058

    Price: $2,889.99

Product Description

State-of-the-art technology from motor sports for more performance on the road. The separate and independently adjustable rebound- and compression damping allows for an individual suspension setup for different uses and preferences. The unique patented system with its two-stage valves allows a rebound damping adjustment (comfort) and a compression adjustment (driving dynamics) in the low-speed range while the high-speed range which controls the driving safety, is fixed.

KW V1 = Height Adjustment

KW V2 = Height & Rebound Adjustment

KW V3 = Height, Rebound & Compression Adjustment

Security on many levels: During manufacturing of KW Coilovers, the highest quality materials are used to produce individual suspension solutions that enable customers to adjust vehicle height according to their wishes and needs. Within the TÜV-tested adjustment parameters, this can be easily achieved using the purple-colored aluminum spring collars by adjusting the position of the yellow coated springs upwards or downwards via a specially designed exterior thread. In doing so, the vehicle height can be precisely adjusted, and customers receive exactly the result they want and/or need. The stainless steel strut housings are fitted the specific vehicle, and are available in three different damping technologies. With this variety, KW Coilover suspensions in Variants 1, 2 and 3 can meet the exact requirements of every customer.

The complete KW coilover systems including high-quality yellow springs, purple aluminum components and Elastomer bump stops with integrated dust protection system, provide a unique comprehensive solution for a personalized vehicle suspension system that meets all performance and quality demands.

KW Coilovers Feature:

  • Infinitely adjustable within German TUEV-tested adjustment parameters
  • Flawlessly engineered to obtain optimal performance in your BMW
  • Shortened struts for increased spring travel
  • Trapezoidal threads for simple height adjustment
  • Three different damping technologies for individual adjustment
  • Elastomer bump stops with integrated dust boot protection
  • Easy to read documentation & KW Coilover Warranty Card
  • Ready to use comprehensive solutions
  • Visually perfect – safe and unique motion dynamics

KW Coilover Quality:
  • Strut housings in inox-line stainless steel technology
  • Anodized aluminum spring collars and add-on pieces
  • High-quality, high-tensile racing springs, to ensure your BMW performs at it's peak
  • Special ventilation and sealing system
  • High-quality damping components
  • Hardened, chromium-plated piston rods
  • Special guide and sealing systems
  • Pistons with V-shaped Teflon seals – optimal sealing with minimal friction – temperature-resistant, durable damping technology

FITMENT and Estimated Lowering:
E38 740i/740il (1.2-2.3" Front, 0.8-2.0" Rear)
E39 M5 (1.4-2.5" Front, 0.8-2.0" Rear)
E39 Sedan (1.4-2.5" Front, 1.2-2.3" Rear)
E46 AWD Sedan & Wagon Xi (1.4-2.5" Front, 1.4-2.5" Rear)
E46 M3 Coupe & Convertible (0.8-1.5" Front, 0.8-1.5" Rear)
E46 Sedan, Coupe, Wagon, & Convertible (1.5-2.9" Front, 1.2-2.3" Rear)
E60 M5 (0.6-1.6" Front, 0.4-1.2" Rear)
E60 Sedan (0.9-2.1" Front, 0.9-2.1" Rear)
E63/E64 Coupe & Convertible (0.4-1.5" Front, 0.8-2.0" Rear)
E63/E64 M6 Coupe & Convertible (0.6-1.8" Front, 0.6-1.8" Rear)
E82 Coupe (1.2-2.1" Front, 0.9-2.0" Rear)
E85 M Roadster (0.4-1.5" Front, 0.2-1.4" Rear)
E85 Z4 Roadster (0.8-2.0" Front, 0.6-1.5" Rear)
E88 Convertible (1.2-2.1" Front, 0.9-2.0" Rear)
E93 Cabrio (1.2-2.3" Front, 0.8-2.0" Rear)

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