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Mitsubishi OEM Timing Belt Pulleys and Accessories EVO 8 / 9

Gates Racing

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  • Gates Timing Belt Idler Pulley EVO 8/9

    SKU: T42017

    Price: $28.00

  • Gates Timing Belt Auto Tensioner Pulley EVO 8/9

    SKU: T41038

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  • Gates Timing Belt Auto Tensioner EVO 8/9

    SKU: T43130

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Product Description

Gates OEM Timing Belt Pulleys & Accessories for the EVO 8/9
When replacing the timing belt on your Evolution 8 or 9, it is also required that you also replace your auto tensioner & auto tensioner pulley and timing idler pulley. Because the 4G63 is an interference engine, timing failure due to worn or neglected belts and pulleys can result in bent valves and even scored pistons requiring thousands of dollars in repair costs. Play it safe and make sure this never happens to you! The T43130 auto tensioner listed below is manufactured by Gates Automotive, and is identical to the MR984375 Mitsubishi OEM component at a fraction of the dealer price.

Timing Belt Idler Pulley for the EVO 8/9
The timing belt idler pulley is important to the proper operation of the main timing belt by preventing movement or slippage on the crank or accessory pulleys. The idler pulley should always be inspected and replaced with the timing belt, auto tensioner and tensioner pulley.

Timing Belt Auto Tensioner Pulley for the EVO 8/9
The auto tensioner pulley functions in conjunction with the auto tensioner to maintain proper tension on the timing belt. The tensioner pulley is attached to a spring loaded arm controlled by the auto tensioner (sold below) to constantly self adjust for the proper belt tension. Like the idler pulley, this part should be replaced at each timing belt change.

Timing Belt Auto Tensioner for the EVO 8/9

The timing belt auto tensioner actuates a spring loaded lever to adjust the auto tensioner pulley (sold above) to automatically adjust for belt slack as the timing belt wears over time. Replacement of this component is required whenever the timing belt is removed from your 4G63.

Mitsubishi Evolution 8 & 9 2003-2006

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