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Perrin Catback Exhaust 2.5" Resonated BRZ FR-S T86



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Product Description

Perrin's new catback exhaust system for the Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S continues their line of high quality performance driven exhaust products. The Perrin Performance catback exhaust systems feature full high quality 304 stainless steel construction with a brushed finish, V-band piping connections (no more broken gaskets or bolts!) and 4-inch slash cut tips. You can expect an extremely sporty exhaust note with virtually no drone! The advantages don't stop there, Perrin has observed performance gains of over 5 HP horsepower and torque throughout the power band with one of these units on an otherwise bone stock BRZ.

PERRIN 2.5" Catback for the BRZ/FR-S
The Perrin exhaust kit for the BRZ/FR-S is a full catback exhaust system consisting of 2.5" diameter center-pipe, mid-pipe, and axleback exhaust sections and includes all V-band clamps, hardware and instructions for a tidy and timely installation. You have the option of a resonator to reduce rasp and volume if you prefer a more reserved exhaust tone but still want more power. Rest assured you are getting one of the highest quality, best sounding, best looking and top performing exhaust systems on the market with this kit from Perrin Performance.

PERRIN 3.0" Catback for the BRZ/FR-S
The Perring Performance muffler has a true 3.0" inlet pipe that carries exhaust into a center chamber before being distributed to, two 2.5" exhaust pipes which continue on to the tips. If ground clearance is a concern, rest assured that the PERRIN 3" exhaust leaves enough room between you and the road to prevent accidental damage or harm to your new part.

Perrin Performance exhaust systems are made entirely of 3.0" Diameter 304 stainless steel, inside and out. 304SS provides high corrosion resistance, and is excellent for extreme heat up to 1800 degrees. Other manufactures and OEMs, will use cheaper 409 stainless steel which will rust and corrode over time but the added expense of 304 stainless steel is well worth the beautiful appearance and long lasting durability.

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