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  • SPC Performance Front Camber Bolts (Pair) Scion tC (2005-2010)

    SKU: 81290

    Price: $27.28

  • SPC Performance Front Camber Arm (Sold Individually) Scion tC (2005-2010)

    SKU: 67485

    Price: $91.38

Product Description

Too much camber can create unideal and unsafe handling characteristics in your Scion tC: unpredictable handling, increased tire wear, and even tire on body contact if the alignment is off enough. SPC Performance alignment components will help you get your numbers back into OEM spec or to a degree that is suited for the needs of your car. Specialty Products Company has been designing, testing and manufacturing world class alignment and suspension solutions since 1972 so you can be sure you are getting quality parts for your car.

SPC Performance EZ Cam XR camber bolts allow both positive and negative camber changes up to approximately 1.75 degrees by replacing the upper O.E. strut/spindle bolt. These easy to use bolts provide built-in adjustment over the life of your vehicle just by rotating the head of the bolt. Each kit contains two cam bolt assemblies, enough for both sides of your tC. These bolts are designed for the front of the car only.

The SPC Performance fixed change arm is ideal for correcting excessive negative camber issues seen in the rear of lowered Scion tC's. The Scion tC comes from the factory with a cam bolt that provides +/- 1.25 degree of adjustment. This range is not enough for lowered vehicles. By increasing the length of the rear upper control arm SPC Performance adds 2 degrees of positive camber to the rear suspension that can then be dialed in with the OEM cam bolt. These arms are designed for the rear of the car only.

Camber Adjustment Range:
Front: +/-1.75°
Rear (including OEM adjustment): -3.25° to +3.25°

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