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StopTech Cryo-Stop Rotors Scion tC (2005-2010)


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Product Options

  • StopTech Cryo-Stop Rear Rotor Scion tC (2005-2010)

    SKU: 120.44115CRY

    Price: $33.46

  • StopTech Cryo-Stop Front Rotor Scion tC (2005-2010)

    SKU: 120.44114CRY

    Price: $58.66

Product Description

StopTech Cryo-Stop rotors for the Scion tC are a cryogenically treated, smooth faced, premium rotor casting. They use the same premium rotor castings as a StopTech Powerslot slotted rotor but do not have the slots machined into them to help reduce costs. This rotor option for the Scion tC is meant to offer a bridge the performance and price gap between basic replacement rotors and slotted performance rotors.

Scion tC StopTech Cryo-Stop rotors are not designed or intended to outperform their slotted counterparts. Cryo-Stops are will outperform and outlast OEM replacements because they are a cryogenically treated, premium rotor casting. Cryogenic treatment is a one-time process in which the rotor is quickly cooled to -300°F and then slowly brought back to ambient temperature. StopTech’s cryogenic treatment process permanently changes metallurgy, resulting in a denser, stronger rotor able to withstand substantial braking forces for long periods of time; up to three times as long as an untreated equivalent rotor.

In addition to the cryogenic treatment Cryo-Stop rotors have an electrostatically applied finish designed to withstand 400 hours of saltwater exposure without rusting. This electrocoating (E-coating) finish, provides long lasting corrosion protection in the critical hat and cooling vane areas. So now your rotor will not only perform for a longer time, but they will look good longer too.

StopTech Cryo-Stop rotors are sold individually. If you need front and rear rotors, purchase 2 of each.

Scion tC 2005-2010

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