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StopTech Power Slot Rotors MINI Cooper R50 / R53


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  • StopTech Power Slot Rotor Rear Left MINI R50 R52 R53

    SKU: 126.34066SL

    Price: $64.74

  • StopTech Power Slot Rotor Rear Right MINI R50 R52 R53

    SKU: 126.34066SR

    Price: $64.74

  • StopTech Power Slot Rotor Front Left MINI R50 R52 R53

    SKU: 126.34067SL

    Price: $76.43

  • StopTech Power Slot Rotor Front Right MINI R50 R52 R53

    SKU: 126.34067SR

    Price: $76.43

Product Description

StopTech Power Slot Slotted rotors for the Gen1 MINI Cooper & Cooper S help reduce brake fade by releasing the boundary layer of gases that can build up between the pad and rotor surface and, consequently, inhibit performance. This is how Power Slot rotors make a big difference in your MINI Cooper's braking performance: The exclusive StopTech Power Slot Vac-U-Slots machined into the rotor "wipe" brake pads clean, evacuate gases, and shed heat from your rotors to provide fade free braking stop after stop.

StopTech Power Slot rotors are manufactured to the highest tolerances of safety and quality. Slotting, unlike drilling, will not compromise the structural integrity of the rotor; drilling weakens a rotor and may cause stress points that can lead to cracking and failure. Drilled rotors also lose considerable surface area compared to slotted rotors, which means a smaller surface area for pad-to-rotor contact. StopTech Power Slot rotors for the MINI Cooper are designed using the highest quality OEM replacement blanks. All machining is done in-house to StopTech Power Slot's application specific tolerances to ensure optimum quality control. The final touch is a military-spec cadmium plating that gives StopTech Power Slot rotors their bright silver finish and protects the rotor from debris. This eliminates 'rusty rotor syndrome' and enhances the look of custom wheels.

Fits the following MINI models:
R50 2002-2006 Hatchback Cooper
R52 2004-2008 Convertible Cooper and Cooper S
R53 2002-2006 Hatchback Cooper S

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