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Universal Exhaust Gaskets


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  • 2.0 inch Exhaust Gasket

    SKU: 1455

    Sold Out

  • 2.25 inch Exhaust Gasket

    SKU: 1456

    Price: $10.00

  • 2.5 inch Exhaust Gasket

    SKU: 1457

    Price: $9.00

  • 3.0 inch Exhaust Gasket

    SKU: 1458

    Price: $8.00

Product Description

These universal exhaust gaskets come in several popular sizes to fit just about any flat flange application. All sizes have a large hole in the center that determines the size of the gasket, and slotted bolt holes on the each side. These gaskets should be replaced anytime you unbolt your exhaust or you may get a leaky connection.

2.0 inch Exhaust Gasket # 1455
2.25 inch Exhaust Gasket # 1456
2.5 inch Exhaust Gasket # 1457
3.0 inch Exhaust Gasket # 1458

Universal gaskets can not be returned or exchanged under any circumstance. Measure twice, buy once.

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