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Alta Front Mount Intercooler Silver MINI S R56



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Product Description

ALTA was the first to bring you a Larger Front Mounted Intercooler for your Gen2 MINI Cooper S R56 and JCW, we were the first to bring you proven dyno performance, we were the first to bring you solid temperature data, and the first R56 to break the 280WHP mark with our intercooler, proving our intercooler works for all levels of cars.

Why replace the Front Mounted Intercooler (FMIC) on your R56 or JCW? Just like other aftermarket parts, replacing the OEM part with a Larger ALTA Intercooler will increase horsepower. Depending on the state of the car, we see 10-25 Wheel Horsepower after installing the ALTA intercooler. With roughly 3 hours of installation time (2 hours of shop time) to gain up to 25WHP, who wouldn't want to install the ALTA FMIC!

Precision Construction
Like all our other intercoolers we use cast aluminum endtanks, with smooth and perfectly contoured internals to create perfect airflow and equal distribution of air throughout the intercooler. No sharp corners or multifaceted cores here.

2 Times Larger than OEM
The ALTA FMIC air volume is 2 times bigger than the OEM intercooler and has 3 times the ambient cooling surface area! This all translates to cooler temps and more Horsepower!.....And yes this is bigger than the competitors intercoolers!

Proven Horsepower
The dyno graph for this intercooler shows the HP and TQ gaines when installing the ALTA front mount intercoller on an R56 with a turboback exhaust. The only part changed between runs was intercooler. The MINI was super consistent and was very happy to have an ALTA intercooler installed! This is one of the many dyno graphs proving the benefits of the ALTA FMIC.

No Compromises
We intentionally do not compromise performance by making our intercooler smaller just to save you 20 minutes of install time. Our competitors like to scare you into thinking our intercooler is difficult to install. With only some minor trimming of some non-important plastic, you will gain more power and have a perfectly centered intercooler. You can see how our intercooler perfectly tucks behind the bumper beam and bumper.

The ALTA FMIC cooled the charge temps down 45F-55F degrees cooler than the stock FMIC. Unlike competitors we tested these intercoolers on our dyno, on the same day, within 1 hour of each run. These tests performed on a JCW. (Stock car with a Stage 1 ECU tune) What you can't see is how repeatable these numbers are!They are solid every time!

These are dyno numbers backing up the above temp graph. The MINI is the same JCW with a Stage 1 tune, Only the intercooler was swapped out between runs. The 10-20WHP and 10-12 Ft-lbs of torque are great gains!

Fills The Mouth of Bumper
Our intercooler is designed to be as big as possible and utilize as much of the ambient air coming through the bumper as possible. You can see our intercooler fills the whole mouth of the bumper.

Fits the following MINI models:
Gen 2
R55 2008-up Clubman S
R56 2007-up Hatchback Cooper S
R57 2009-up Convertible Cooper S
R58 2011-up Coupe Cooper S
R59 2012-up Roadster Cooper S

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