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Autotecknic Painted Front Reflectors BMW F12 F13 640i 650i


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Product Options

  • Painted Front Reflectors - Alpine White (300) BMW F12 F13 640i 650i

    SKU: ATK-BM-0996-300

    Price: $73.50

  • Painted Front Reflectors - Black Sapphire Metallic (475) BMW F12 F13 640i 650i

    SKU: ATK-BM-0996-475

    Price: $73.50

  • Painted Front Reflectors - Carbon Black Metallic (416) BMW F12 F13 640i 650i

    SKU: ATK-BM-0996-416

    Price: $73.50

  • Painted Front Reflectors - Dark Graphite Metallic II (B90) BMW F12 F13 640i 650i

    SKU: ATK-BM-0996-B90

    Price: $73.50

  • Painted Front Reflectors - Jet Black (668) BMW F12 F13 640i 650i

    SKU: ATK-BM-0996-668

    Price: $73.50

  • Painted Front Reflectors - Space Grey (A52) BMW F12 F13 640i 650i

    SKU: ATK-BM-0996-A52

    Price: $73.50

  • Painted Front Reflectors - Titanium Silver Metallic (354) BMW F12 F13 640i 650i

    SKU: ATK-BM-0996-354

    Price: $73.50

Product Description

Our F12 F13 640i 650i painted reflectors are available painted to perfectly match your factory color. These replacements are easily installed and dramatically change the appearance of your vehicle.

Our body colored reflectors are the same size and shape as the reflectors that currently sit in your cars bumper, but are painted the exact color of your vehicle by a CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL REFINISHER, so that they blend in perfectly with your bumper. The result is clean and subtle, yet very attractive.

These Body Colored Reflectors no longer act as a reflector once painted. No orange or red will be visible when installed. By replacing your reflectors with our body-colored version you are removing all reflective qualities from the area that this product is being installed.

Customers will be required to pull out your original reflectors in order to install our painted versions, and NO bumper removal is required. No glue of any kind is required to install these reflectors, simply adhere into place with included preapplied industrial strength adhesive tape just like the factory reflectors. All models fit into the same holes as your original reflectors and full instructions are available online and on the box. No permanent modifications are required to your vehicle in order to properly install this product, and your original reflectors can be reused to replace the painted versions at any time.

- Sold in pairs (2 reflectors)
- Picture is for reference only, actual product may vary

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