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KW Variant 2 V2 Coilovers Legacy GT (2005-2009)


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Product Description

Subaru Legacy GT KW Variant 2 Coilovers - For the Experienced Driver
The KW Variant 2 has proven to be one of the best mid priced coilovers available for the LGT. They are a great value and offer adjustable rebound dampening. They are well worth considering on your short list for mid priced coilovers when its time to replace or upgrade worn out suspension on your MINI.
Rebound damping

The rebound adjustment can be installed via an adjustment spindle at the piston rod end, as far as it is vehicle-specifically possible. The rebound damping primarily controls pitch and roll of the vehicle, especially in the low speed damping range which directly influences handling and comfort. Therefore vehicle can be adjusted to the needs of the driver, making the ride variable from comfortable to sporty and stiff, both with improved road handling.

This system intended for the experienced driver who does not only wish to determine the individual lowering of his vehicle, but also wishes to carry out setup adjustments. The adjustable rebound damper allows adjusting the pitch and roll behaviour of the vehicle and therefore the driving pleasure can be adapted to the own requirements.

* Damping technology with individually adjustable rebound
* inox-line* stainless steel technology
* Individually height adjustable
* Adjustment parameters approved by the German Technical Control Board (TÜV)
* Fully finished complete solution
* High-quality components for long durability
* Comprehensive documentation for easy use

Lowering front: 1.4"-2.5"
Lowering rear: 0.8"-2.0"

Subaru Legacy GT (2003-2009)

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