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Neuspeed P Flo Air Intake Systems VW Passat B6 FSI


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Product Options

  • Neuspeed P Flo Air Intake Black VW Passat B6 FSI Automatic

    SKU: 65.10.79

    Price: $279.95

  • Neuspeed P Flo Air Intake Red VW Passat B6 FSI Automatic

    SKU: 65.10.79R

    Price: $279.95

Product Description

The plastic factory airbox is good at muffling intake noise and enhancing low rpm/low speed engine performance, but becomes very restrictive when the engine is operating in the higher rpm range – where most performance drivers need it.

The NEUSPEED P-Flo allows you to uncork the intake side of your engine, drawing in a nearly unlimited supply of fresh air. Plus every P-Flo kit includes a high-performance, oiled multi-layer cotton gauze air filter that is washable and reusable. You also get a more agressive, deep throaty engine roar when you step on the gas pedal.

After months of development, NEUSPEED has developed an intake pipe size that matches the factory MAF exactly. Because of this fuel trims does not affected and will not trigger any DTCs. In addition, eliminating the OE plastic MAF housing showed an increase in airflow, as no pre-screen is required to reduce turbulence when air is routed through the long piping with its smooth mandrel bends.

- Available in black wrinkle or red wrinkle powder coat pipe option.
- As the OE engine cover is an integral part of the OE air intake box, it must be removed as part of the installation of the NEUSPEED P-Flo kit.
- CARB EXEMPT D-236-14 or CARB EXEMPT D-236-11 when used in conjuction with NEUSPEED P-Chip Engine Management Software.
- Includes Aluminum heat shield.
- This kit fits Passat (B6) with automatic transmission. For Passat (B6) with manual transmission, use part number: 65.10.97

VW Passat B6 2.0T FSI 2005-2008 Automatic Trans

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