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Perrin Front Mount Intercooler Civic Type R (2017+) FK8



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Product Description

Get the most out of your turbocharged Civic Type R by adding horsepower and a bold new look with a PERRIN Front Mount Intercooler. Rated at over 600WHP, the Perrin Front Mount Intecooler for the Civic Type R ads 15-20ft lbs of TQ and 15-20 WHP.

The Perrin intercooler reduces intake charge temps by 40 degrees Fahrenheith. The colder air charge creates more power compared to the OEM intercooler. On the track, post intercooler, the charge temperature stas within 10-30 degrees agove ambient temps, all while maintaining a pressure drop of less than 1psi.

The all aluminum Perrin front mount intercooler is made as wide and tall as will fit with the OEM bumper beam, the 221 square inches of surface area fully fills the large poening in the stock bumper.

Core Construction
Featuring an optimim core design with 3/8" bar and plate that has a 3/8" charge air and ambient air path, instead of the common 1/4" size. The Perrin bar and late core design is much more durable than tube and fin with the ability to withstand rocks and other debris.

Featuring deep gasket grooves to accommodate the large OEM O-rings which are much more durable than simple off the shelf O-rings.

By aligning the inlet and outlet to the center of the core the Perrin Intercooler maintains smooth equal flow across the entire core without the need for internal baffles or dividers.

Every Perrin Intercooler has a bright silver powder coat finish protecting your intercooler from the elements and making it look awesome for years to come.

A free Perrin logo intercooler stencil comes in every box. Simply peel, stick, and paint to easily add a Perrin logo across the front of your intercooler.

Bolt on Power
This part will give you straight bolt on power. No specific tuning is required to run a Perrin Intercooler.

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