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Racing Dynamics Charge Pipe and Boost Pipe BMW F22 F30 335i F32 435i with N55 Engine

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This complete intake piping system from Racing Dynamics will convert your BMW from OEM plastic which has a tendency to fail to aluminum piping. Fits BMW F2X, F3X, M135i, M235i, 335i, 435i with N55 engine. Kit includes both the charge pipe and boost pipe.

- Tremendous extra value - includes seals, O ring & clip
- Direct OEM replacement
- Bung for 1/8" NPT fitting for water injection, methanol injection or temperature probe
- The Racing Dynamics charge pipe increases flow and improves the reliability of your N55 engine
- The aluminum pipe replaces the fragile factory plastic pipe which can fail under increased boost pressure
- The increased pipe size helps to reduce turbulence and maximize airflow to the engine

BMW 1 Series F20, F21 04/2011-2/2015
BMW 1 Series F20, F21 LCI 06/2014-04/2015
BMW 2 Series F22, 10/2012-04/2015
BMW M2 2016-2018
BMW M235i 2014-2016
BMW 2 Series F23 03/2014-04/2015
BMW 3 Series F30 04/2011-04/2015
BMW 3 Series F31 08/2011-05/2015
BMW 3 Series F34 GT 07/2012-04/2015
BMW 3 Series F35 06/2011-04/2015
BMW 4 Series F32 11/2012-04/2015
BMW 4 Series F33 03/2013-04/2015
BMW 4 Series F36 07/2013-04/2015
BMW X3 F25 07/2009-05/2015

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