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Skunk2 Pro S II Coilovers Civic Si (2006-2011)

Skunk2 Racing

SKU: 541-05-4750

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Product Description

With Skunk2's Pro S II and coilovers for your Civic Si you are sure to find a coilover that meets your needs. These coilovers feature double adjustable ride height and a mono tube design for maximum ride height adjustment and great over all ride quality. They also offer height adjustment independent of the spring preload which helps retain ride comfort while still allowing for drastic height adjustment. The main difference between the two is the Pro-C allows for 12 way dampening adjustment, this is ideal for the avid racer who likes to play around with dampening settings. The Pro S II comes valved from the factory and cannot be adjusted, but is an awesome option for a daily driven vehicle where adjustment is not necessary. Skunk2's new shortened shock bodies and reduced shaft strokes help maintain adequate suspension travel on lowered vehicles for improved performance without sacrificing comfort. These are a great basic coilover and will not disappoint whether you only street drive your car or do the occasional track events.

Pro S II Spring Rates (Front / Rear): 8 kg/mm / 10 kg/mm
Pro-C Spring Rates (Front / Rear): 12 kg/mm / 10 kg/mm

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